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Experience and Education

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P101 – Prevention Program Planning and Assessment
P102 – Prevention Activities and Methods
P103 – Program Design
P104 – Evidence Based Prevention Models
P105 – Prevention Program Evaluation
P201 – Dynamics and Process of ATOD Dependency and Abuse
P202 – Impact of Substance Use Disorders on Families and Larger Systems
P203 – Prevention Issues with Special Populations
P204 – Prevention of Violent and Compulsive Behaviors
P205 – Presentation Skills
P301 – Public Relation Skills
P302 – Interpersonal Communication Skills
P401 – Community Assessment
P402 – Coalition Building and Maintenance
P403 – Coordinating Community Prevention Activities
P501 – Introduction to Methods and the Impact of Environmental Change
P502 – Assessment and Planning of Environmental Strategies
P503 – Implementation & Enforcement of Environmental Change
P601 – Professional Growth
P602 – Ethics and Legal Issues for Prevention Specialist
P603 – Cultural Competency
P604 – Self Care for the Prevention Specialist

Student Statement

* In your own words please tell us why you should be selected for the CPS Scholarship Program. Include the reason(s) you desire a career in the prevention field.


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